Houston  19:31 Saturday 28 Nov 2015
Rotterdam  02:31 Sunday 29 Nov 2015
Guangzhou  09:31 Sunday 29 Nov 2015

DESJD13 September 2015
m/v Tai An Kou

The Hebron DES module safely loaded on to the Tai An Kou in Ulsan, Korea. more>>


JD4 September 2015
m/v Hua Hai Long

The HHL safely loads Rowan's Joe Douglas Rig in Pascagoula. more>>


18 August 2015

Shell Offshore awards transportation Contract of the Appomattox Platform to COSCO Shipping Co. Ltd. more>>

GSP Sat3 August 2015
m/v Hua Hai Long

The HHL successfully delivered the GSP Saturn JU and support barge to Flushing, The Netherlands. more>>


liftboats14 June 2015
m/v Xia Zhi Yuan 6

The XZY6 performing the dry transport of two lift boats. more>>